Friday, July 06, 2007

RACE Friday Night 7-6-07

Our friend Jason's putting on a race tonight!...Friday...7-6-07.
the format is very very fun. you won't be leaving the crossroads/downtown area, but you will be going all around this little area. as if you were delivering packages.
This race was put together well but quickly so...this is a no frills race. jason may have spoke cards. that's it. i guess someone's going to win some cash. other than that. come hang out with some bike friends. oh yea the race is for teams of two. If you don't have a buddy, show up, and the solos will be given a wookie.

here's the info:

See if Lady Luck is on your side with a midnight tag team alley cat.
Registration will start at 10:30
in front of The Brick, 17th and McGee on Friday 7-6-07, with the race starting promptly at midnight.

This event is open to all, but be prepared for award ceremony to be held in a bar, should one be available to host us.Entry fee for this event will be $7, and there will only be cash prizes, meaning if only 4 people participate, there will only be twenty to be split between a team of two, with the remainder of the pot left for an individual bonus prize. The way this race will take place, is that there will be a total of four manifests making a total of 14 stops. 7 for each rider, 14 for each 2 person team. A rider from each team will receive a manifest and head out in a mass start. When a rider returns, they are to find their teammate and return to the checkin table with their manifest. I will hand out a respective manifest to said teammate, and they will head out. When they return, that first teammate will get their second manifest and so on. When a team has finished all four manifests correctly, they will be the overall winner. Pending on how many registered riders we have, will decide if there will only be one team winner and one individual bonus winner, or if there will be team winners based on co-ed, top males/top females team and so on. If you do not have a teammate to ride with, one will be appointed to you. I can honestly say that this style of alley cat, levels out the playing field for most everyone. Good luck to all, and please reply with any questions. Also if possible, rsvp via email so that I dont over print manifests and racer #''s, and if anyone wants to volunteer/work a checkpoint, please contact me by Thursday evening.
Ma$ter Control


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