Friday, July 06, 2007

RACE Friday Night 7-6-07

Our friend Jason's putting on a race tonight!...Friday...7-6-07.
the format is very very fun. you won't be leaving the crossroads/downtown area, but you will be going all around this little area. as if you were delivering packages.
This race was put together well but quickly so...this is a no frills race. jason may have spoke cards. that's it. i guess someone's going to win some cash. other than that. come hang out with some bike friends. oh yea the race is for teams of two. If you don't have a buddy, show up, and the solos will be given a wookie.

here's the info:

See if Lady Luck is on your side with a midnight tag team alley cat.
Registration will start at 10:30
in front of The Brick, 17th and McGee on Friday 7-6-07, with the race starting promptly at midnight.

This event is open to all, but be prepared for award ceremony to be held in a bar, should one be available to host us.Entry fee for this event will be $7, and there will only be cash prizes, meaning if only 4 people participate, there will only be twenty to be split between a team of two, with the remainder of the pot left for an individual bonus prize. The way this race will take place, is that there will be a total of four manifests making a total of 14 stops. 7 for each rider, 14 for each 2 person team. A rider from each team will receive a manifest and head out in a mass start. When a rider returns, they are to find their teammate and return to the checkin table with their manifest. I will hand out a respective manifest to said teammate, and they will head out. When they return, that first teammate will get their second manifest and so on. When a team has finished all four manifests correctly, they will be the overall winner. Pending on how many registered riders we have, will decide if there will only be one team winner and one individual bonus winner, or if there will be team winners based on co-ed, top males/top females team and so on. If you do not have a teammate to ride with, one will be appointed to you. I can honestly say that this style of alley cat, levels out the playing field for most everyone. Good luck to all, and please reply with any questions. Also if possible, rsvp via email so that I dont over print manifests and racer #''s, and if anyone wants to volunteer/work a checkpoint, please contact me by Thursday evening.
Ma$ter Control

Wednesday, May 16, 2007




the 833rd annual Tour de Cowtown
Saturday May 19th 5pm
preceded by the Everything Bicycle Swapmeet and Jumble at sunrise the same day
We have an excitiing addition to this year's events.
WIN a Breezer ZigZag!
That's right, there will be a raffle drawing for a Breezer ZigZag. Donated to the Greater Kansas City Bicycle Federation by Joe Breeze and Breezer Bikes. A bicycle company dedicated to commuter bikes. Tickets are $10 each or 12 for $100. All proceeds from this raffle will go to the Greater Kansas City Bicycle Federation. The drawing will take place sometime during the Tour de Cowtown activities. Tickets must be purchased at Acme Bicycle Company.
And take home one of these
nothing heavy to carry this year
10 bucks pre-register, 12 bucks day of. First 50 folks who sign up get a t-shirt, everyone will get a spoke card along with food n grog provided by our sponsors.
everyone who participates will have the opportunity to walk away with some great swag donated by the many sponsors of this event
there will be not only an alley-kat style race with manifest, places to visit, items to pick up and bonus ?s to answer, there will also be a track stand competition, a messenger-style time trial and other events to be announced day of races. sure to be a fun event for all including things to watch even if ya dont wanna 'race'. hopefully most of you know an alleykat is not your typical race. its not near so much about going fast as being familiar with your city and your tactics for finding your way thru the manifest. its all about fun on your bicycle, not about whos the fastest. and being fast is no guarantee of winning, or of getting the best of the swag.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Bike To Work Week 07

Don't forget that the Bike to Work Week Commuter Challenge starts on Monday and runs through Friday.
You can log onto to log your miles.

While the Challenge is primarily geared towards biking, we welcome anything that replaces a car trip - walking, taking the bus, or even carpooling. And don't forget that you can also log non-work trips like running errands, going to the video store, etc.

Please plan to join us on Sunday for some hard earned rewards at Boulevard Brewing. Bridging the Gap has come up with some great prizes worth thousands of dollars, and the good folks at Boulevard and the Pitch will host us from 1-4pm.

Ride On!

Eric RogersMissouri Bicycle Federation

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Big Bike Weekend!!!

tons of stuff the next few days!
would have told you earlier,but got the info today.

I'll see you out,

For One Night Only, B.I.K.E. is playing at the Screenland Granada (1015 minnesota ave. kansas city, ks) this Thursday April 26th. at 7:30 pm as part of the weekend long event "Bikestravaganza" ( It's a documentary about the bicycle gang Black Label (NYC) and their members. The trailer for it is on youtube and looks great: know some of you may not be into bikes but that's ok, but you should really try to make it out. Bring your friends and learn about one of the last remaining underground subcultures that still exist. No one is getting rich off of this and we're just trying to break even. Any profits (yeah right) will be going to the Kansas City Bike Federation. If you have any questions just email Jason Wingate ( thursday april 26.. showing BIKE at the Granada. 1015 minnesota ave kansas city kansas.. movie @ 730, ride from acme, 630. TICKETS 8$ @ the door. Group purchase price available! PARTY TO FOLLOW @ SECRET DISCLOSED PRIVATE INVITE ONLY EVERYONE INVITED COME TO PARTY WITH ACME AND FRIENDS!! friday april 27th.. 630pm critical mass/ride through beaux arts parade (meet at 6 at the Westport Sunfresh parkinglot)7pm cyclocentric arts @ the MOMO gallery, 19th and cherry 9pm. The Kansas City Derby flat track race @4000 "the Sea" mcgee followed with music by the fulkbabies and other bands, come prepared to gamble your life away(or at least your beer) RACERS REGISTER YOUR STEED, STAG, STUD OR PONY{ your bikes genius) FOR AWESOME DERBY RACE. saturday april 28th noon…bikebuild@kcai.(4115 Warwick Blvd. sculpture yard). Sarah Gibson from Acme Bicycles will be giving a frame brazing demo. Victor Swerdlove from Monkeyworks will give a wheelbuild demo, and some kids will give a tall bike build demo, all before the race.. 4ish..hellkat hustle point to point race/scavenger hunt post race party at start and finish (South Moreland park, Cleaver 2 blvd. and Oak st.) any qwestions or any out of town visitors are welcome to stay with the hellkats, floorspace gaurunteed, couches first come first serve, contact at

Monday, January 08, 2007

Alley Cat Jan. 13th

Shipwreck is putting on a race THIS Saturday, the 13th. It's the first of three races, three Saturdays in a row. It's a Stage Race. First race is a two mile Time Trial. Weeeeeee. yeah. I'll be there. This event is happening come rain, sleet, ICE, toads, Mother In-laws, pudding pops... Nuthin's stoppin' it! not even Godzilla, and Mothra after they became friends and used their massive size for good. Frankly speaking, now that the monsters have mellowed, I think they've lost a bit of their edge. but then again I don't speak Japanese so maybe there's a subtlety I'm not getting with the dubbed version of GODZILLA AND MOTHRA TAKE A CERAMICS CLASS... all was lost.

So here's the
link to the info:

While you're at the Bikeliker site, sign up and make yourself a profile.

see you Saturday,

p.s. this is Shipwrecks wrace direct all questions to him. I don't really know much more than you now. have fun.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Cranksgiving KC Photos

The photos are up on

Click on the set you want to see. I recommend clicking on "slide show" in the upper right, and sitting back and enjoying the show. Click on the word sets to get back to the main sets page or just click on the link above again to go strait there. Flickr wierd about it's ease of use.

Luckily, I handed off my camera to Mike Coons during registration, and he took the first 21 masterful shots. Thanks Mike. The rest are mine. You are free to download any photos and use as you like. all I ask is that they be attributed to Forester. accept for the ones by Mr. Coons of course.

I also have up the Halloween Pub Crawl and the Year One Alley Cat. So take a look at those too.


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Cranksgiving KC '06 - Checkpoint List

This is as much as I'm going to give you before the race.

Checkpoint Map;

This is the link to the map.
There is no set route. You choose your checkpoint order.

Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art reflecting pool on the north end.

-Apple Market Plaza, 1215 Emanuel Cleaver II Blvd. (47th)
This store is on east 47th about two blocks east of Troost.
-Brookside Sun Fresh, 14 W. 62nd Street (in Brookside)
-Cosentino’s Price Chopper, 6327 Brookside plz (in Brookside)
-Westwood United Super, 4701 Mission Rd. Shawnee Mission, KS 66205
East of Rainbow Blvd on 47th Street. Across the street from Maj-r-thrift.
-Sun Fresh, 4001 Mill Street (Westport)
-Marsh’s Apple Market, 3600 Broadway Street (across the street from the Midland Theater.)

Finish Line:
ACME Bike Co. 412 E 18th street.

There will be prizes.

This will be BYOB. So while your at the store pick up some beer.


sign in starts at 1pm.
race start at 2pm.