Sunday, November 19, 2006

Cranksgiving KC Photos

The photos are up on

Click on the set you want to see. I recommend clicking on "slide show" in the upper right, and sitting back and enjoying the show. Click on the word sets to get back to the main sets page or just click on the link above again to go strait there. Flickr wierd about it's ease of use.

Luckily, I handed off my camera to Mike Coons during registration, and he took the first 21 masterful shots. Thanks Mike. The rest are mine. You are free to download any photos and use as you like. all I ask is that they be attributed to Forester. accept for the ones by Mr. Coons of course.

I also have up the Halloween Pub Crawl and the Year One Alley Cat. So take a look at those too.



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