Monday, April 03, 2006

Stand alone Mustache month (April)

Zeke forwarded me this email. all are invited to participate.

The Wind and my Calculator Watch tell me two things. That it is windy and it is almost April again. And April, of course, is international stand alone mustache month. This year, BikeSource is hoping for some "friendly" (not too friendly, we’ve heard rumors) competition from the Kansas City Trek Store.
The rules are:
Begin growing today, tomorrow, or yesterday.
No chin hair is allowed.
You can do that thing where sideburns connect to the mustache (this is of course recommended but not always possible).
The winner is the person with the most legitimate, and as a result, the stupidest looking mustache.
A pub crawl will begin at 9 PM on Friday, April 28, at the 75th Street Brewery to signify the end of Mustache Month.
This contest is non-gender specific and in no way associated with either bicycle store.
Happy growing, and good luck.
From all your friends here at BikeSource, this is:
Matt "For the Mustache Ride of your Life" Nagl, signing off.

thanks for reading. don't hit me with your car,
TSP Cycling Team


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Blogger Meetzorp said...

I can't wait to see all y'all looking like a herd of porn stars on bicycles. You can bet yer sweet saddle I'll be along to point and laugh. And don a faux 'stache, so that the pointing and laughing can go both ways.

Michelle K.

8:18 AM  

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