Monday, March 13, 2006


It was cold, wet and the brutal wind cut right threw those high tech fibers.
Some of you got scared off by the weather, but the Racers showed up.
This email is to highlight the fortitude of the riders that layered up and came downtown for the first alley cat of the year. The KC RELAY's.

We want to take care of some business and introduce our sponsors. Go to these places. They are all quality.
SHUTTLECOCKS Men's Boutique. 124 West 18th Street. For the matching pair of tight orange boxer briefs that went to our winners.
MIDWEST CYCLERY. 3957 Broadway. This is THE Westport bike shop. Go in and say hi to Bob.
RECORDBAR. . RB is the hottest music venue in this town and the towns near by. Steve and Shawn have supported our team and bikes in KC since the day they opened their doors.
and a special thanks to ACME BICYCLE COMPANY for steping up at the last minute and working a checkpoint.

The rain broke and the race started at 4pm sharp. The racing by the top two teams was tight. It was tied after the first leg. Then the Dominator (I'll come up with a better nickname), Matt Staub, pulled ahead and won by a minute. This is TSP's second race and Matt's second win.

This is how they finished. ("A" rode the first leg, and "B" rode the second leg)
A. Ryan Roemmich B. Matt Staub
2. VELO DOOM(1:26)
A. Phillip Audsley B. Nate King
3. THE PUNKS(1:50)
A. Chris Kellogg B. Jesse Heckman

DFL (dead fucking last)
Names withheld to save shame... Their initials are MK and CL.

The TRACK-STAND COMPETITION was held during the race, to give the waiting teammates something to keep them warm... by standing still in the wind.
The opening round (B Riders) was won by Grant Sunderland. In the second round (A riders) the TS winner from last year's ACME alley cat, Phillip, was favored. but Ryan Roemmich stood tall and still. RYAN BEATS PHILLIP!
Now for the Finals: Grant v. Ryan
Ryan gave Grant his biggest challenger of the day, but Grant just didn't move.
Grant Sunderland takes the TS crown aka cash!

We have some special thanks.
The Spirit Award goes to THE PUNKS for the only team with matching team jerseys/t-shirts. GO TEAM.

The checkpoint workers took time out of their day to sit around and get drunk. To that, We are eternally grateful. We couldn't have done it without them.
Holly Kempf and Sarah from ACME Bike

To all that came out...
Derek and Forester thank you.
We'll see you at the next one.



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